Greg Sagan & Zac Barbiasz

Greg Sagan & Zac Barbiasz
Posted on 06/08/2015
Greg Sagan & Zac Barbiasz

Zac Barbiasz (WHS Graduate 2006)

After graduating Ware High School I went on to Georgetown University where I would continue my football career for all four years. At Georgetown University I studied government because I was originally interested in becoming a Lobbyist, Lawyer, or who knows. Hah. I even did a summer stint on The Hill for Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts. His office was really awesome to work for but I soon realized that I wasn't actually interested in working in Politics (at least for the time being). So, after College I moved to Steamboat Springs, CO to join my brother in his Ski Town experiment. I loved it. Skiing, biking, and running became my life in the Great Outdoors. I started journaling my adventures through photography and video (mainly social media). Eventually, Vasque Footwear and numerous other Outdoors companies saw my stuff via a Brand Ambassador program posted by Outside Magazine called the Vasque PCT Thruhike Syndicate. That is originally how the idea of Thruhiking the PCT came about. The chance at such a great adventure with the opportunity to share my experience with such a large audience was a no brainer. As a Brand Ambassador, I will exchange photography/social media work with the companies and product knowledge with fellow hikers when they inquire. Of course, big thanks to all of the sponsors. They really made this all possible for me. As for right now, I am currently packing for my adventure. The hardest part so far has been deciding what to put in the pack and what not to. Controlling the weight of the pack is going to be key so unfortunately very few luxury items will be coming with me on the 2,660 mile journey! 


You can follow the adventure at, on Instagram at @zacandgregpct, @zacbarbiasz, and @gregsagan. Plus, you can view our page on facebook. Just simply search for ZacandGregPCT and dont forget to like/share it! 


Please notice that we are trying to raise money for two different charities. I am raising money for the Dana Farber Cancer Prevention Fund and you can read why I chose this particular fund on Greg, is raising money for the St. Baldrick's Childhood Cancer Research and you can find out all about his story on the site as well! 

Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We are excited to share our individual stories and look forward to sharing this upcoming adventure as well!  

Greg Sagan (WHS Graduate 2007)

Some history on myself:


I was born and raised in the Pioneer Valley and graduated from Ware High School in 2007.  My beginning years of my college degree was started at Holyoke Community College and I later transferred to Westfield State where I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice.  Upon my graduation from Westfield State University in 2013, I worked as a Correctional Officer at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. During my short career at the FCSO, I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 23 and quickly realized that life, is indeed, too short and that I had to follow my passion - the great outdoors.  Knowing little about Colorado, I visited a mountain town called Steamboat Springs, Colorado,  where I met up with my high school friend Zac Barbiasz who has been living in  Steamboat since 2012.  After my successful post-remission treatments, my dream of moving to Colorado became a reality.   Not knowing what lied ahead, I quit my job, packed my car, headed West and never looked back.  My first year and a half here in Steamboat has been nothing less than fantastic and a very grateful one to say the least.  Like most who live in a mountain town and are seasonal employees, I landed a job at One Steamboat Place, which is a luxury private club at the base of the mountain and where I'm a Club Service Attendant.  In addition, I'm also a snowboard instructor for Steamboat Resort, where I teach and share the Steamboat dream to all age groups. 


You'll typically find me mountain biking or backpacking here in the Rockies, where my passion and gratitude for the great outdoors keeps growing.  Last Fall, I came across an article on Outside Magazine's Facebook page, where they were posting in search of applicants who were potentially going to be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  It's a program called the Vasque Footwear Thru--hike syndicate, where we would be product ambassadors for Vasque, Leki Poles, Osprey, Darn Tough Socks, and Nemo Equipment while we're on the anticipated 5 month, 2,650 trek.  Surprised  and being a coincidence  that only 10 people were chosen, Zac and I made the list and have become a part of  Vasque's 2015 Thru-Hike Syndicate program.  


With a 2,650 mile trek, and one journey that we'll never forget,  we wanted to make this opportunity bigger and better than what it already has become. was created and we've teamed up with the St. Baldricks Foundation for kids cancer research, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and a go fund me page to help with food and travel expenses.  As a cancer survivor myself , I wanted to team up with the St. Baldricks Foundation because my heart goes out to every single child who is going through this time in their lives.  A time when they should be able to enjoy life to the fullest and live normal everyday lives like any other child should, without dealing with such a disease and effects that come from it. In honor of his Father, Zac teamed up with Dana Farber who has a disease known as MGUS. Sometimes referred to as "smoldering myeloma," this affliction has to be watched as it can be a precursor to blood cancers such as Multiple Myeloma and Waldenstroms Lymphoma. With the  money raised on our go fund me page, all proceeds will be split evenly between myself and Zac for expenses incurred along the hike. By helping us reach our goal, you will in-part be paying for our food, postage, the occasional hotel stay and other basic thru-hiking expenses. 


Lastly, our site gives viewers the option to sign up to our newsletter to receive updates and photos along the way.  For those on Facebook, you can like ZacandGreg PCT and follow us on Instagram to receive updates as well.