WPS Launches Student-Centric Anti-Bullying App

WPS Launches Student-Centric Anti-Bullying App
Posted on 03/02/2022
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New app empowers students, helps resolution and prevention

WARE, MA – As part of Ware Public Schools’ (WPS) ongoing improvement of school culture and community, the district is introducing an anti-bullying app that allows students to safely and anonymously report bullying and safety incidents. The app follows FERPA, HIPAA, state, and local laws and policies and is being configured for Ware’s schools. The application is designed by BRIM Anti-Bullying Software – WPS’s partner in this project – to help in reporting, investigation, and resolution, and will also provide valuable insights into schools that can help prevent incidents.

“The new anti-bullying app is a continuation of school culture improvement initiatives that began before the pandemic,” said Dr. Marlene DiLeo, Superintendent of Ware Public Schools. “Ware’s schools are places where everyone is welcome at the table, and this app can help us build safer, more welcoming schools.”

The anti-bullying app, due to go live in early to mid-March, allows students to report incidents anonymously and empowers them to stand up to bullying in a way that they do not feel threatened while doing so. The BRIM app follows five steps: Report, Investigate, Communicate, Resolve, and Prevent. Only school staff and administration members who are essential to investigating and resolving bullying situations have access to the app, and only at the points where their involvement is necessary. These staff members are currently being trained on how to use the app in conjunction with current policies and procedures.

In addition to the new anti-bullying app, WPS is continuing their work with Sandy Hook Promise and Impact Boston. Both of these organizations have been working with WPS for more than two years. The work with Sandy Hook Promise has progressed to their “See Something, Say Something” phase, and the schools’ anticipate restarting work with Impact Boston in the coming weeks.

“We’re excited to be expanding on the work we started with Sandy Hook Promise and Impact Boston,” said DiLeo. “These efforts, along with the new app, will help us build an even stronger foundation for the future of our schools and our students.

For more information or to have questions answered, you may contact Dr. Marlene DiLeo at 413-967-4271 or by emailing [email protected].