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Dr. DiLeo

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Special Education Newsletter!
Special Education Newsletter!
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Over the Counter Abuse of Cough Medicine
Teen Cough Medicine Abuse
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presentation on school choice
School Committee Chairman Aaron Sawabi' s presentation on school choice to the Board of Selectmen!
School Committee Chairman Aaron Sawabi' s presentation on school choice to the Board of Selectmen!
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WHS Senior Danielle Brown
Superintendent’s Award Winner - Danielle Brown!!!
Congratulations to this years Superintendent’s Award Winner Daniel Brown!!
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Rachel Masse
"WARE" Are They Now? Rachel Masse
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Ware Business & Civic Presentation Video!
Ware Business & Civic Presentation Video!
Ware Public Schools Showcase Video. Alumni are featured.
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Superintendent's Message

Good Day!!  As we begin to feel the return of Spring in the air there is also a campaign you can feel happening within the music department on campus! As our music program is expanding so is the need for the instruments to support its growth.  I would like to bring to your attention a letter to the editor that appeared in The Ware River News from Jill Mongeau, music teacher at Ware JR/SR High School:

Dear Ware Community,

My name is Jill Mongeau and I am the new Music Teacher at Ware Junior Senior High School. I was hired in late December and am very pleased to be part of the Ware School System. I grew up in Gilbertville but spent every Saturday of my youth with my father, John Mongeau, my Uncle Maurice Mongeau and my Cousin Homer “Banjo” Mongeau at the Ware High School football games and have very fond and vivid memories of what the Ware High Band used to be like. It was so exciting to go to the games and then see the band march their half time show out on the field. The band was large and sounded very strong. One of my goals here in Ware is to bring back that program and the excitement for the music program, but I need your help.


The reason for my letter today is to reach out to the Town of Ware, as a Community, for your help. The instruments available to our students in Ware are outdated and many are beyond repair simply due to their age and years of use. I have students who want to play instruments and I am trying to piece together instruments for students, but the need far outweighs what we can provide. I'm asking for your help.


If you have an instrument that you have at home that you are not using would you consider donating it to Ware Junior Senior High School for a student to use? Do you know anyone who used to play an instrument who no longer plays who might consider donating to our program? Instruments in working order would be invaluable to us right now!


Perhaps you could financially help us by adopting an instrument that could be repaired and absorbing the cost for those repairs? Would you be willing to adopt a musician and help provide reeds and supplies for that musician? Perhaps sponsor the purchase of a lesson book for a student? We would be happy to acknowledge your donation!


We have students who want to learn and participate in our instrumental program who simply cannot afford to join. We need your help to build this program and get every student who wishes to play an instrument involved. We need to put instruments in their hands and give them the opportunity to try music and have the benefits of what a music education can do for a student. Wouldn't it be great to have the Ware High School Band present at more town functions and parades? We need to build the program to make this happen and we need the Community to help us.


If you can help in ANY way, please contact Jill Mongeau at Ware Junior Senior High School. I can be reached at school by calling 413-967-6234 ext. 1127 or email me at



On behalf of the students at Ware Junior Senior High School we appreciate your time and consideration.


Jill M. Mongeau

Music Teacher at Ware Junior Senior High School

Click Here for More Information and Pricing!


Any and all support you can give to the music program would be greatly appreciated!

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Marlene A. DiLeo

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