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George Staiti
"WARE" Are They Now? George Staiti
Ware High School Graduate, Class of 1965
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A Delman Teacher of The Month
Congratulations Mrs. Delman: Country Bank November Teacher of the Month
I am nominating Mrs. Delman on behalf of my daughter. I have seen how she interacts with her students and her classroom is phenomenal.
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Family Survey
Family Survey
The Ware Public Schools are committed to continuously improving the education provided to all students in our community. Feedback from parents and community members is a critical part of that process. With that in mind the district has created the survey below on a variety of issues in order to gather the perspective of the people we serve.
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3rd Grade Corn Husking
Third Grade Corn Husking Event!
Third grade helps husk corn for the whole district’s school lunch!
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Superintendent's Message
 Winter 2017-18

With the season of winter soon upon us the Ware Learning Community has settled into a rhythm for teaching and learning. The faculty and staff are working diligently to assure they are meeting the needs of all of their students as the days move swiftly past.  During the faculty professional days the work of aligning the new Science state standards along with updating the ELA and Math state standards takes up much of this time.

This fall our athletic teams offered us much excitement as most of them earned a breath in the playoffs.  All of our student athletes represented the district with pride and honor as they played each game which demonstrated them with the utmost of good sportsmanship.

The administration will take part in an Accountability Review later this winter.  This on-site district Accountability Review gets generated by a MA General Law that comes under Chapter 15, Section 55A by the Office of District Reviews & Monitoring at Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  The district looks forward to having the committee visit.  In preparation for the visit the Leadership Teams of each building took part in a self-assessment that focused on the following standards:  Leadership & Governance, Curriculum & Instruction, Assessment, Human Resources & Professional Development, Student Support as well as Finance & Asset Management.  The feedback from this visit will assist the administration going forward.

Over the past year the Senior Leadership team has been working on developing a multi-year District Improvement Plan.  In collaboration with Joe Wyman, from the Berkshire District and School Assistance Center, the Senior Leadership Team will gather feedback from stakeholders via surveys and meetings to assure the learning community and the community at large has input into the plan.   Working together with all stakeholders guarantees this administration that all pertinent individuals have a voice at the table in how they would like Ware Public Schools to look like five years from now.

The change in the seasons will generate inclement weather.  This is a good time to make sure your contact information is correct so that you will receive any cancellations of school or delay of school notifications.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Marlene A. DiLeo     


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