Heather Orszulak

Heather Orszulak
Posted on 10/03/2014
Heather Orszulak and her Honors Biology Class

WARE Else Can You Find Such OUTSTANDING Results?

The first individual who is being recognized in our Teacher Feature is Ware Junior Senior High School Science Teacher Heather Orszulak.  Last year, 80% of Mrs. Orszulak’s Advanced Placement (AP) Biology class passed the College Board Exam, earning the students college credits for their achievements.  When asked what she attributes to the students’ success, Mrs. Orszulak responded, “AP Biology does well because I have very motivated students.  I also think the Massachusetts Math and Science Initiative (MMSI) training played a key role in why my students are able to achieve passing scores.”  Mrs. Orszulak has been part of the Ware Public Schools for 15 years and when asked if she enjoys teaching in Ware she responded, “I love teaching here! The students and the faculty are all incredibly kind and caring. It makes for a great working environment.”

Known commonly as “Mrs. O.,” she attended Worcester State University and holds a Masters Degree in Secondary Education and a Bachelors Degree in Biotechnology.  Mrs. Orszulak is also the Chair of the Science Department, and Class Advisor for the Class of 2017.  Being a recipient of the Grinspoon Teaching in Excellence Award is also another of Mrs. O.’s accomplishments.  Congratulations to Mrs. O. and her AP Biology students for a job well done!