Ware High School Math Department

Ware High School Math Department
Posted on 05/05/2015
Ware High School Math Department(from left to right: Shelley Davis, Adam Green, Karen Quinn, Daniel Orszulak)

The Ware High School Math Department, consisting of Department Chair Daniel Orszulak, Karen Quinn, Shelley Davis, and Adam Green, is being recognized for the high rate of student growth, demonstrated on the 2014 Grade 10 Math MCAS exam.


One of the factors that the Math Department points to with regard to their success is the implementation of an aggressive attendance policy which puts an increased emphasis on attending and participating in-class.  Two points are subtracted from the student’s homework average for every absence from class.  Students can make-up absences (and avoid losing points) by staying after school.  The data suggests that fewer students are absent, and dismissals have decreased considerably, as a result!


In addition, over the past three years, grant funding has allowed for math curriculum writing in alignment with the Common Core State Standards, and also the creation of formative assessments for all math courses.  The Math Department has successful collaboration among department members, with the teachers regularly sharing successful teaching techniques. After school assistance is provided by the teachers so that extra help in math is available nearly every day. Congratulations to the Ware High School Math Department!