Tragedy in Franklin

Tragedy in Franklin
Dear Parents,  

As you may have seen in the news, two young children in Franklin died a few days ago when they suffocated in a cedar chest that locked automatically, trapping them inside.  These chests were recalled by the manufacturer a number of times since 1987, and replacement locks were provided to prevent this problem.  However, many of these unmodified chests are still in homes, and people are not aware of the potential danger.  See the information below about checking your cedar chest and obtaining free replacement locks.  Hopefully we can prevent any more tragedies.

“Between 1912 and 1987, Lane and Virginia Maid manufactured and sold an estimated 12 million cedar chests. Cedar chests made during these years latch shut without having to depress a button. In recent years, several children have suffocated inside chests with old style locks. As a result, Lane has launched several successful programs concentrating on lock replacement. However, there are still an estimated 6 million chests that need the locks replaced. The chests are often handed down through families, and it is likely that many were purchased second-hand.  (Chests manufactured after 1987 already have the new safety lock.)

Lane is providing new locks, free of charge, that will prevent entrapments because they do not automatically latch shut when the lid is closed. The new locks are easy to install by consumers in their homes.

To prevent another tragedy, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Lane are urging consumers to check their “Lane” and “Virginia Maid” brand cedar chests. The brand name “Lane” or “Virginia Maid” is located inside the cedar chest. If the lid latches shut without depressing a button on the outside of the chest, the lock needs to be replaced. Consumers should have the chest's serial and style numbers, which are branded on the outside bottom or outside back of the chest, available when contacting Lane.

Contact Lane toll-free at (800) 327-6944 anytime or order the free replacement lock online at .”