Coronavirus Update 03-13-2020

Coronavirus Update 03-13-2020
Posted on 03/13/2020
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Dear Members of our School Community,


After taking part in today’s conference call with the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) it was announced there was no mandatory closing of schools occurring at this time.  Each school/district closing will be at the discretion of the district.  In addition to the Commissioner of DESE on the conference call, the director of MA Department of Public Health provided information that any schools in areas of no diagnosed COVID-19 or presumptive cases can continue to run business as usual.


Knowing that things are changing rapidly, I am monitoring this situation closely.  With the information obtained today we will continue to have classes but will be suspending all other events.  Our focus will be education, nutrition and safety.  Please be aware that this can change at a moment’s notice and I will keep you updated to such.


Thank you,

Dr. Marlene A. DiLeo