Ware High School Becomes First School to Offer Firefighting Courses in State

Ware High School Becomes First School to Offer Firefighting Courses in State
Posted on 12/22/2017
WJSHS Fire Science Class

WARE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Ware Fire Department is recruiting future firefighters from the town’s high school.

Ware High School has become the state’s first high school to offer a course in firefighting and life saving techniques.

11 participating students have been working with Ware firefighters since last summer. They’ve extinguished fires and rescued people from simulated situations. Their mentors regularly keep the 11 students on their toes with a series of test questions.

Several of these teens are seriously considering becoming firefighters when they graduate.

High School Senior Valentina Downe told 22News, “I realized it’s something I’d like to pursue. And when the opportunity came up for this class, I took it.”

“It is very much like an adrenaline rush and very exciting and always helping people. It’s the thing I love to do. I can really fit into the category,” said Seth Bourdeau, a Ware high school student.

Aside from providing the Ware Fire Department with a future source of firefighter applicants, the school superintendent’s impressed with the high school pioneering this program.

“It’s just an outstanding idea. It comes to us from our deputy chief wloch and mr orwell. We thought it was a good addition to bring to the kids,” said Marlene Dileo, Superintendent of Ware schools.

As for Thursday’s impromptu quiz with town leaders firing questions at the 11 students, they came well prepared, and passed with flying colors, ready for the next phase of their firefighting training, while still in high school.

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