Update from Dr. DiLeo 04172020

Update from Dr. DiLeo 04172020
Posted on 04/17/2020

Good day!  With this being the end of week #5 of school closure, I wanted to reach out to bring you an update as to what is happening for Ware Public Schools.  First, I want to inform you about the adjustment to April vacation.  On Wednesday evening the School Committee made an adjustment to this year’s April vacation due to the closure.  There will be no school on April 20th , 21st and 22nd with remote learning resuming on Thursday, April 23rd and Friday, April 24th.  With the adjustment of these days, the end of school is now scheduled for June 15th.


Also at Wednesday evening’s meeting, principals rolled out grading for Term 4 for our Remote Learning Plan.  The designations will break out with no grades for students in pre-K or Kindergarten.  Students in grades 1-6 will earn an S for Satisfactory or an NI for Needs Improvement.  The JS High School will utilize Pass/Ungraded Designation.  The details of the new grading for Term 4 can be found on the district website.


Last Friday Governor Baker signed into law the ability to suspend MCAS assessment for the remainder of the 2019/20 school year.  So there will be no additional MCAS assessments taken this year for students in grades 3-10.


Presently, school closure is scheduled until May 4th.  The Commissioner of Education, Jeff Riley, informed superintendents this week that the Governor will have an update to school closure shortly.  When I get any additional information regarding school closure I will keep you informed.  I want to remind you that all information that we have provided to students, parents and families up until now can be found on the district website, so please make sure you check it out often.


Earlier this week, email instructions went out to both high school students and parents regarding course registration for the fall.  If you did not receive that email or have questions about the registration process, please contact your Guidance Counselor.  Students should have their course recommendations into iPass by next Friday, April 24th, if possible.


I want to give a shout out to Brooke McCormick and all the high school students who built a thank you video to their teachers and administrators.  It was a great to see that everyone is doing well during this time.  I want all students to know you are the heart and soul of Ware Public Schools.  Right now all that is left here is just brick and mortar and without you here in the buildings there is a deafening silence within them.  I’m looking forward until we can all safely return to school and become one again.  So until then, WE CAN DO THIS!


Remember Stay Home, Stay Safe, and practice Social Distancing so that you are not putting yourself or your loved ones at risk!