"WARE" Are They Now? Caedon Sawabi

"WARE" Are They Now? Caedon Sawabi
Posted on 06/11/2018
Caedon Sawabi

Hi, my name is Caedon Sawabi and I am a 2014 graduate of Ware Junior Senior High School. I was able to do a lot of great things while I was in high school. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to both Spain and Costa Rica with the International Club, play for the boys’ Varsity Soccer and Volleyball teams as well as be a part of the SkiI/Snowboard Club. I was one of the first students of the high school to graduate with more than a semester’s worth of college credits, having been in the Dual Enrollment program at Holyoke Community College. This course of action allowed me to graduate from college a semester early. I attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy in the Fall of 2014 and majored in International Maritime Business. I learned quite a bit about such things as International Finance and Banking, Global Logistics, and Transportation and Operations Management. Massachusetts Maritime Academy provided me with a rigorous, disciplined program of study. The academy taught me how to work really hard and try my best. This ethic helped prepare me for the professional world.

The academy also offers a Sea Term where I spent a month on the TS Kennedy Training Ship, traveling to several sea ports in Central America. I also participated in two internships while at the academy. My first internship was in Panama. I spent several weeks in Panama learning all there is to know about local shipyards & businesses (I met with several  business owners), I was able to board ships on the Canal (and learn about safety inspections & audits) as well as view the operations of the Panama Canal Locks Free Trade Zone. I also did quite a bit of other cool things like take a trip to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and travel to the Barro Colorado Island. My second internship was at a company called ECM Maritime LLC. It is one of the world’s leading regulatory consulting, compliance, and emergency response companies.   ECM’s roots are in maritime pollution prevention and response and I was able to learn the ins and outs of how this industry works.

Upon graduating from Massachusetts Maritime Academy I obtained an internship at the University Of Massachusetts Medical School in the Security Information Technology Department. This experience gave me the experience I needed to land a terrific job at the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium in Amherst as a Contract Specialist. Although I love the maritime industry, I took this job because of all that it offers in a career in business.

My time at Ware Junior Senior High School afforded me a great educational background to make it to the next level. I appreciate all the teachers and administrators who were dedicated to seeing this happen for all students.  Coming from a small high school allowed me the privilege of my teachers really getting to know and assist me in becoming successful. Thank you to all my teachers who went the extra mile in helping me in my four years at WJSHS.