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Director of Special EducationSpecial Education DirectorJessica Bolduc is a native of Ware and a Ware High School graduate.  She began her teaching career at Cottage Hill Academy, a residential/day treatment program and school for students with social/emotional, behavioral and educational needs.  At Cottage Hill, she instructed middle and high school courses in various subjects.  Ms. Bolduc then went on to a position in the Ware Public Schools district at Stanley M. Koziol Elementary as a grade 1 special education teacher.  Throughout her career at Ware Public Schools, she worked as mentor teacher, K-3 summer school teacher and academic tutor for students in grades 3-6. Ms. Bolduc has also served on various committees, including the Coordinated Program Review Committee and John Collins Writing Programs Sub-Committee.  She most recently applied for and secured the Dollar General Youth Literacy Program Grant in order to fund a project targeted at improving foundational literacy skills with students who have been identified as struggling readers.      

Jessica Bolduc holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from Westfield State University, majoring in Elementary Education and Liberal studies with a concentration in Spanish. She also holds a Master of Education Degree from Fitchburg State University, majoring in Curriculum and Teaching with a concentration in Special Education. 

Ms. Bolduc is also actively involved with Special Olympics Massachusetts, serving on the Games Management Team.  She continues to reside in Ware with her daughter, Audrey, and a very special deaf rescue dog, Lilah.

Child Find

In accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA 2004) and Massachusetts Special Education Regulations, 603 CMR 28.00, the Ware Public Schools provides screenings and/or evaluations for all children residing in Ware, between the ages of 3-21, when parents, caretakers, and/or teachers suspect the presence of a disability.  The purpose of the evaluation is to determine eligibility for special education services.  This notice applies to children residing in Ware who attend either public or private schools.  If you suspect that your child may have an educational disability, please contact the Department of Special Education at 413-967-4271.     

Special Education Updates


Individual Care Tool

Parent Summer Update

Special Education Placement

Special education efficacy studies show that placement outside of general education has little or no positive effect for students, regardless of the type or intensity of the disability. Research reviews document that special needs students educated in general education classes do better academically and socially than comparable students in non-inclusive settings, regardless of the type of disability or grade level.

Special Education Parent Advisory Council

Massachusetts Special Education Regulation 603 CMR 28.07 (4) requires each school district to create a Special Education Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC advises the school district on matters that pertain to the education and safety of students with disabilities and participates in the planning, development, and evaluation of the school district's special education programs.

Membership is open to all parents of eligible students, as well as other interested parties. We welcome and encourage your input. It is essential to improving our programming. For further information on the PAC, contact Jessica Bolduc, Director of Special Education, (413) 967-4271.

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