Student Requirements

Physical Exams

It is the policy of the Ware School Committee and a requirement of Massachusetts State Law (M.G.L. c.71, s.57) that every student has a comprehensive physical examination performed by his/her primary care provider at specific intervals. Ware school students are required to provide documentation of these physicals upon entry to school and during the third, seventh and eleventh grades.

Students who fail to provide documentation of their physical exams may be excluded from school. Please review your child's examination schedule with your child's physician to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Immunization Requirements

In accordance with State Health Laws, all students are required to be fully immunized or to annually provide a medical or religious exemption letter to the Health Office.

Download the Health Requirements document here.

Seventh Grade Immunization Requirements:

  • Td (Tetanus/diphtheria) Booster
  • MMR #2(Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  • Hepatitis B Series (2 or 3 shot series)
  • History of Chicken Pox(Physician verification) or Varivax Meningitis Vaccine