"WARE" Are They Now? Dylan Sawabi

"WARE" Are They Now? Dylan Sawabi
Posted on 07/29/2016
Dylan James Sawabi

“Ware” Are They Now?  - Dylan James Sawabi

I graduated from WJSHS in June 2011, and was accepted to Massachusetts Maritime Academy where I went on to study Facilities Engineering. My time in high school was spent taking as many math and science courses as possible in order to ensure my success and acceptance into the academy. I feel the courses I took in these classes gave me a solid foundation to make it to the next level. I also took three college classes while in high school which helped me to understand what was expected of me from the college. In addition, I played football (running back) and volleyball. My favorite moment in high school was when my football team won the super bowl in my junior year, an accomplishment that had not been seen in over eighteen years.

I’ll be honest. Studying engineering at a regimental academy is not easy but it certainly taught me discipline and self-reliance and landed me a great job a year before I graduated. I graduated  Cum Laude from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and won a few awards of distinction. I now work for Exelon Generation as an Associate Engineer.

It was only a few short years ago that I was in high school and my best advice to any current students who may find themselves reading this is to use your time wisely. Study hard and make good choices. Realize you have a future that extends long after you leave high school. You will never regret trying your best and setting high goals for yourself

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