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Special Town Meeting
Special Town Meeting - Wednesday August 15th at 7:00pm
Vote on Funding for the Accelerated Repair Program Schematic Design Studies
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Caedon Sawabi
"WARE" Are They Now? Caedon Sawabi
WJSHS Class of 2014
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Ware Schools
InForce 911 Safety Software
Ware Public Schools implements a new 911 notification system to speed up response time Story
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Vape Cigarette
Ware High Sudents Stage Mock Accident on Distracted Driving
Ware High Sudents Stage Mock Accident on Distracted Driving
Story Courtesy of Western Mass News
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Superintendent's Message
  Spring 2018

FINALLY spring has sprung!!  After a winter that saw five days of school cancellations and a number of delays due to inclement weather the anticipation of warm weather is welcoming.  At this time students have begun their final quarter for the 2017-18 school year along with the beginning of spring assessments for MCAS Next Generation.  We are in the final stretch of the school year. 

The spring also brings budget season, with the Town Meeting scheduled for May 14, 2018 at 7 p.m.  The Ware School Committee and the Superintendent are working hard to align our goal of retaining all that has been accomplished the last couple of years to assure we do not fall further behind neighboring districts.

The new Fire Science class has generated much excitement at Ware High School.  Students within this class have had the opportunity to experience what it takes to be a fire fighter/first responder.  The completion of year one of the new Fire Science class will find eleven of their sixteen students taking part in an EMT course at the E2E Educational Center on Main Street this summer.   Even though all students within this class are not aspiring fire fighters/first responders it offers all students informative information.  Next year, along with the Fire Science class, we will be offering a Criminal Justice class at Ware High School.   Having the ability to offer work force learning to our students provides them first-hand experience as they look to determine what careers they would like to pursue in the future.


Dr. Marlene A. DiLeo

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